Lock it cushion lip pen.

Lock it cushion lip pen. 

Innovative cushion applicator for easy application.Allows for versatile lip looks; ombre lips or bold color drenched lips.Formulated with nourishing lip oils for soft lips.
Tap your way to beautiful color-drenched lips with L.O.C.K. It Cushion Lip Pen. This lightweight lip stain delivers a soft silky texture to envelop lips in a soft and semi-matte finish. Formulated with nourishing lip oils, the unique cushion applicator makes for easy and convenient application for creating full, bold color drenched lips to soft ombre gradient finish, without dryness and flaking

But first let me told you, once i came to office without my make up on while on my bag i only have this cushion lip and so yeah show must go on.
Ive trying this not only for my lips but for eyeshadow and blusher, because the texture is just way too soft and pigmented.

I just in love with their color, as they have 12 shade color, OMG ! thats alot. 

Check this out to see which is yours !

so, this is the result which i said show must go on ! 

lip, cheek and eyeshadows all i need is just lock color lock it cushion lip pen ! 

grab it yours !! Annyeong ~~~~~~~~~


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